A Thief Steals A Ferrari 488 GTB But Does Not Have Money To Refuel It

Of course, he got caught in no time.

Well, if one steals a Ferrari and does not have enough money to fill it up with gas you can deduce only one thing about the thief – that person is an idiot. Like a big time, major league idiot. 36-year-old Georgia resident Rocky Jimenez wanted to steal a Ferrari. He wanted it so much that he went for the latest fish Ferrari released – the 488 GTB. He stole it from no less than a Ferrari dealership and probably forgot that the cars in the dealerships usually do not have much petrol in them.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Well, after running out of gas, this dumbass started asking random bystanders for money so he could buy some gas. No wonder they called the police and reported an unusual sight- a man driving a Ferrari and asking for pocket change so he can buy some gas.

But this is just the start of the story.

Ferrari 488 GTB

See, when the officers came they found him pouring gas to the Ferrari at a gas station by himself. He even went on to say that his car was being serviced for two freaking years. For two years! Of course, police officers figured out something’s not right about it all and started asking questions.

Jimenez said that ownership papers are with him in his back pocket. And when searching for them, police found yet another key for another Ferrari. Sure enough, after contacting a local Ferrari dealership, they found out that the car was stolen car and that was a done deal for the unprepared and rather dumb Jimenez.

He stole a quarter of a million dollar worth Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari 488 GTB

We are talking here about a $245,000 car. Expensive Supercar certainly is the best Ferrari can offer right now and it is the epitome of everything that is right with the car world. Now, stealing one is not a walk in the park. In that regard, Jimenez must have had a lot of experience in this matter, but he proved he is less than stellar in these matters.

Ferrari 488 GTB

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