The Volkswagen T6 IS A Volkswagen You’d Like To Have More Than A Passat

The US are not the only place where cars are sold in millions and to prove you just that we ask you to please take a good look at the first picture in this post. Yes, you can see an original Bulli and the newest sixth generation Volkswagen Transporter. The first one became one of the best known vehicles in the US and in the world, but the last one and a few that came before it weren’t in the US at all. That did not stop Volkswagen to make some sick sales results of this magnificent machine. In its 65 years long history, Volkswagen sold amazing 12.000.000 (you read that right – six zeroes) units of the car and the last gen only reached the end with more than 2 millions produced. So, how is that even possible when this car isn’t looking THAT insane.


The answer lays in the fact that the Volkswagen Transporter is sensible, perfectly sized, elegant, dignified and the engine in it isn’t thirsty.


The Volkswagen T6 has been revealed in Amsterdam on a special happening organized solely for the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Transporter and attended by more than 500 special guests invited by Volkswagen Group and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles officials. Just how important this car is best shown by the person who entertained the guests. Ladies and Gentlemen’s, Mark Knopfler himself (that is right – Dire Straits Mark Knopfler) entertained the guests and magnified the event out of simple car-reveal-proportions.


Revealing a special Generation Six Volkswagen T6 right next to a magnificently beautiful and adorned T1, Volkswagen warmed the hearts of anyone attending the show. The generation Six version of the VW T6 is a special version made purposefully as homage to the wonderful “original” and it is packed with so much special features including a two tone paintjob and an option list almost as long as your hand, that you simply have to like it. Standard features on the Generation Six include things like LED headlights, chrome trim and Alcantara seats, but you don’t have to know that because, up to this moment, Volkswagen did not make its intentions clear regarding this car launch on the US soil. Basically, we won’t get it.


In Europe, however, this car is important almost as the whole Volkswagen business in the US itself. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, who build the car, revealed a passenger van, a cargo van, a long wheelbase van will be available too, a luxurious Caravelle is on too and a top notch California (we’ll not get that one either) round up the offer.


However, many versions available is something Transporter is known for. Now, Volkswagen plays a bit different game than before. Even though they did not base the thing on the modula (MQB) platform, the car inherited many of the technical elements form the Polo, the Golf and the Passat. Volkswagen calls it most car-like Transporter ever and, judging by the looks of it we can’t argue with it.


The interior is garnished with elements sourced from passenger cars. Infotainment system is as good as it gets, the seating position is more car like than before and the engines are sourced from the smaller cars. A two liter TDI is the backbone of the Transporter. Four different version of it are available with power ranging from 88 HP to 201 HP and the petrol lovers will get a two liter engine too with power output of 150 HP and 201 HP.


All in all, the new Volkswagen T6 is a machine that continues the voyage of its predecessors. Unfortunately for us, the voyage will almost certainly bypass the US once  again.


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