The Ultimate VVIP Car You’ll Ever Know Is The McLaren P1 GTR And It’s Fast As It Is Exclusive

Who would ever think that McLaren is going to become so powerful in such a short time that they become a match for Ferrari or Lamborghini. With the insanely fast 650S,  they are dominating the supercarworld, but with the super expensive P1 they’ve officially joined the likes of Ferrari and Porsche which is, quite frankly, astonishing. They aren’t there only thanks to the price  of their vehicles. They have the technology so they really are there in full capacity. The latest proof that shows how mighty McLaren has become comes in the shape of the P1  GTR  and this is exactly the type of car you want to see – FXX K contender (or to be a bit more radical FXX K killer). Don’t think for a minute that the Ferrari FXX K isn’t monstrous enough to take on this. Actually, we think that the Ferrari FXX K would still have an edge, but the P1 GTR really is the first car that comes close to the bewildering prancing horse whose technology underneath and looks outside still hold the benchmark in the car world.


In order to create a car that might become the best track car (or a Concorde if you like) in the world, McLaren had to take the best it has and make it even better. Well, how on earth can you make a P1, which is basically a carbon fiber technological marvel, a better vehicle? Not many  people are capable of doing so, but Wizard of (not Menlo Park) Woking Ron Dennis had a few aces in his sleeves (it seems that he had a full deck for this).


The extent of work that went into creating the P1 GTR and making it better than the “normal” P1 is massive. First of, McLaren had to lower the weight a bit more. Bear in mind  that this is still a car that is almost impossibly light considering the tech underneath. Nevertheless, with the integration of polycarbonate side windows, new carbon fiber panels at the back (roof and engine cover) and supposedly, crazy expensive Inconel and Titanium exhaust system, the P1 GTR is 110 lbs lighter in comparison with the “series” production vehicle.


That, of course, wasn’t enough for the magicians from Woking. Hybrid system used  by the car had to be improved and while majority of  other manufacturers wouldn’t bother with the electric engine, McLaren did just that. They’ve increased the power output of the electric engine to 200 HP and the output of that well known 3,8 liter V8 engine has been risen to 800 HP. Simple math says that the maximum power is exactly 1.000 HP. Yes, McLaren has a car with the engine producing “four digits” output. Results? We do not know yet, but we are certain that this track car can bend space time continuum like the Enterprise from Star Trek. Or, to put it in plain English – the P1 GTR will hit 62 mph in less than 2,5 seconds if the conditions are meet. And why shouldn’t they be met when McLaren provides a full on program for every buyer of the car.


The driver program for the P1 GTR is very extensive. The buyers will have the opportunity to drive the car at six different tracks all over the world. Before getting in the cars, McLaren Technology Center and Human Performance Center will prepare the drivers by allowing them to drive the car on a simulator, measuring the mental condition and finally getting the drivers behind the wheel. This is, ladies and gent, the closest thing to pornography without actually… well you know.


The car only a lucky few will have the opportunity to drive is 3 inches wider, 2 inches lower and even more “Batmanish” looking in comparison with the normal P1. It’s not hard to guess that the buyers will have to pour green like never before.


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