The Top 10 Quickest Ever Ford Factory-Built Mustangs (#7 is a steal)

These are the fastest Mustangs of all time

Our list of fastest Mustangs may surprise you. There’s one model in the list only a few years old that can be bought for under $20K, with neck-snapping 0-60 times.

You’ll notice that every car here was built after 2000 – there’s no a single Mustang from the Classic Muscle Car era on the list. Even the mighty 1969 Boss 429 Mustang wouldn’t have made the list, as its 0-60 time was 7.1 seconds and it ran the quarter mile in 14.1 seconds. Isn’t progress wonderful?

In order for this list not to get completely out of control we’re counting only those Mustangs that are street legal and where Ford is the manufacturer of Record (MSO). For example, the Shelby GT500KR was initiated at the Ford Flat Rock plant but then shipped to Shelby, who completed the car. In this case, Shelby Automobiles is the manufacturer of record.

Also, we’ve ranked the cars in order of quarter mile time rather than 0-60.


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