The Stretched Ford Excursion Should Have Been In The Newest Mad Max Movie

When your name is the Sin City Hustler,, well, you’re the boss, aren’t you! This time, the Sin City Hustler is the name of the specially modified Ford Explorer SUV which basically looks like it just run out from the Mad Max Fury Road movie. It is that insane!


Created by the Big Toyz Racing (BTR) Motors from Arizona , the Ford Excursion SUV dubbed the Sin City Hustler is the most extreme take on making a monster truck we’ve seen so far. This thing is huge. It measures 32 feet in length and everything about it is so insane you’d find it hard to believe.


In order to make the truck like this, the BTR had to think so far out of the box that they’ve actually constructed the whole underbody and the architecture this thing is suspended on. With more than 1.500 feet of tubing, the architecture for this truck is something you have not seen before. Modification added a lot of weight of course. Ready for the rumble, the Sin City Hustler weighs a whopping 15.000 lbs. That is so much weight that hey had to specially reinforce every single thing on it just to keep everything rolling. The Big Toys Racing constructed special axles with limited slip differentials, they’ve added custom hydraulic steering at the front and hydraulic steering at the back with automatic self centering. Also, monster truck traits have been used all around. Special U-joints keep things in place, while the 4 link suspension with special 26 inch Nitrogen Shocks helps the enormous tires to their job in a desert.


The all terrain 66 inch flotation off-road tires made this thing as capable as it gets. As it is so long and large, the Sin City Hustler is actually capable of transporting 12 people. Bucket seats at the back can be accessed via large back doors which can be opened wirelessly. Interestingly, the doors can be opened from 1,500 feet of distance. Who knows why?


You probably wants to know what powers this beast. As it weighs so much a real powerdome is needed. So the 8,5 liter V8 has been specially tuned and adopted giving this thing a power to be reckoned with. 700 HP is enough to move this bad boy over the desert. The engine is not in need of some special fuel. Just give it regular pump gas and it’ll rumble the desert away.


This thing isn’t actually new. It was produced a few months ago and now the BTR is trying to get rid of it for 1 million bucks. Yes, that is the asking price for it and we can’t think of anyone with decent iq score who would buy it. Ok, if the Sahara, Mojave desert or Kalahari desert is round the corner then yes, you probably might need it to show your buddies what this thing can do. The BTR is trying to sell it exactly to such people and they even stated they can put regular tires on the vehicle to facilitate transportation.


If you think you could drive it like that on the road, do think again. This isn’t a road legal vehicle and it could be legal only if the Mad Max became reality. So, if you want to buy it, get ready to prepare that million you’ve been stacking up for so long.

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