The Sora Electric Superbike by Lito

It’s electric. It has a top speed of 120 mph. It’s made from carbon fiber and aeronautical aluminum, and prices start from $77,000. It’s called the Sora Electric Superbike by Lito, and while we know that the vast majority of our readers aren’t particularly excited by the idea of electric motorcycles, this one comes with quite a few interesting features that might make you rethink your opinions. And if you’re already interested in the future of the electric motorcycle, then this should interest you even more.

Sora1 Sora4

The specs aren’t as groundbreaking as some other electric bikes we’ve seen, but one of the notorious problems that prevent a lot of people jumping on the electric bandwagon is range, and while the Sora doesn’t directly solve that problem, it comes with an interesting bit of tech that takes the edge off. Their system is called the “Safe Range System” – and this is pretty clever. What it does is measure the battery life of the Sora, and works in partnership with the bike’s integrated GPS system; if your desired destination is out of range, it lets you know and saves you a headache further down the road. It’s not an everlasting battery, but it’s not a bad compromise.


It comes with another cool feature, which allows you to change the way you ride, while you’re riding. We’re talking about physical changes, as well as rider modes, that actually allow you to change your riding position to match your preferences mid-ride. The seat can change position, offering you an aggressive ride experience, or a more laid back and comfortable posture.


On top of that, the Sora also features some impressive power figures, such a 57 hp, 0 – 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, and a respectable top speed of 120 miles per hour. The maximum range is 120 miles, and the fast charge feature can charge the battery in three and half hours (although a full 100% charge takes a little longer). There are in fact two models available, the aforementioned $77,000 base model, and a $104,000 premium version called the Signature Series. The latter comes with Ohlins suspension, BST carbon fiber wheels, Beringer brakes, and a complete carbon fiber body.


The price point is a probably a little bit too expensive to attract everyday riders like us, and tempt us away from our favored gasoline powered bikes, but we’re happy to see the electric market developing some interesting and forward thinking technology!

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