The “Rocket III” Triumph Legend TT 900 Racer – by XTR Pepo

XTR Pepo are back with an awesome new build: based around the ’00 Triumph Legend TT 900, and mated with a wide selection of unusual parts, this retro styled racer is a real Franken-bike of epic proportions! The Madrid based garage have built some of the finest custom motorcycles on the planet in recent years, and this one is by far one of our favorites. Pepo Rosell is a master builder, and you can see the quality of his work in the pictures below. See if you can spot the different parts, and where they originally came from…

Using a 2000 Triumph Legend TT 900 as a donor, Pepo got started turning the classic looking road bike into a full on retro racer. To turn the Legend TT into something more aggressive lookin’, Pepo swapped out the original forks for a set of Ohlins units from the Triumph Daytona 675R. In fact, there are quite a few pieces on here borrowed from the Daytona, including aluminum forged wheels, the carbon fiber mudguard, and the rear Brembo brake assembly. The rear shock comes from YSS. With the rolling chassis more or less complete, XTR turned their attention to the engine.

The original Triumph engine is very similar to the three cylinder, liquid cooled powerplant found on the Thunderbird, but Triumph paired it down slightly to make it more affordable to a wider audience. Where Triumph paired down, Pepo sexed up, and now the engine has been given ported heads, new air filters from DNA, a cool quick open gas throttle from Domino and a modified version of the Triumph Speed Triple exhaust system – tipped with a SuperMario megaphone. A Tsubaki gold chain was also added for good measure.

Before we talk about the stunning bodywork, we’ll just quickly mention the other cool features that have been added. The front brake calipers and rotors are from Brembo, with Frentubo brake lines, and a Ducati 1098 Brembo brake and clutch pump to match. Add in a modified Suzuki Bandit fuel tank with a Laverda gas cap, a Yamaha TRX side stand, and a Motogadget dashboard, and the build was nearly complete.

Almost every other detail on the bike has been custom built by XTR Pepo, including the racing fairing and mounting brackets, the windshield, the modified swingarm, a special monotubo style subframe and solo seat arrangement, aluminum CNC machined footrests and clip on handlebars, XTR’s own foldable and adjustable levers, and a custom rear mudguard.

Pintumoto executed the retro-race themed paintwork, complete with the BSA logo on the fuel tank, and the cool vintage decals and racing number. Thanks go to Cesar Godoy for the awesome photography! All in all, it’s a fantastic build, and one that ticks all of the right boxes.

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