The New Honda Civic Type R Is Finally Here And It Is Biblical

We wanted a proper Honda Hot hatch for years. Their last one looked good, but it  lacks the punch other similar cars have in spades. Now, however, a new dawn has risen and the Honda Civic Type R has been bathed by the  sun. This, what you see here is the quickest, baddest and most impressive Honda hatchback that was ever produced and it is so good you’ll might actually forget about that crazy ass Ford Focus RS revealed only a few weeks ago.



We have been waiting very long time for the new Honda Civic Type R. Countless teaser videos and teaser pictures were released before we got the opportunity to see the car and the first place they’ve revealed it is the Europe, a Mecca for hot hatchbacks. Many famous Fords from the past made first steps there, Volkswagen Golf GTI for goodness sake was born there as well as every Abarth that  has ever been made. So, the Japanese know what they are doing. They want to hit hard and they are hitting hard directly at the bees nest.


To make Europeans a bit scared for their wellbeing, Honda had to rework the car from bottom up. The new Civic Type R is, of course based on the newest Civic available, but instead  giving that Civic only a slight design revisions and a bit more powerful engine, Honda made a proper job this time and created a car that they call a race car for the road. This epitome hasn’t been used (probably never) before when describing a hot hatchback which should be a sensible car with the sporty character that allows you to be cool and have some fun after you drop of the  kids in the school. This Honda is, however a bit different. We doubt that so much additional features on it would suit a family man.


This one is for the race breed and it received equipment to prove that. Starting with the aerodynamic pack which is rather extensive and visible, the new Honda Civic Type R brakes every roll in the book of elegant car design as it adds various race car features that almost make it look like its ready for the track and not for the highway. The aerodynamic additions aren’t just for the show. They clearly enhance downforce which in addition with the 19 inch specially developed  tires provides so much grip it makes a front wheel drive car fully capable of transferring all of the power to the ground. That said, the power here is rated at 310 HP and 295 lb ft of torque.


That is a lot, but various torque controlling technologies were installed in order to enable full use of all available power. Dual Axis Strut Front Suspension helps reducing torque steer by 50 percent, while the Adaptive Damper System and a Brembo braking system provide additional control of the power reaching the front wheels. All of this sounds rather impressive but how it copes with the race track? Well, Honda UK revealed the info that states that new Honda Civic Type R lapped the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 50.63 seconds which is faster than the stock Nissan GT-R from 2008, than the Ferrari F430 F1, or even more  importantly than the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy-R and the Seat Leon Mk3 Cupra which are Type R biggest competitors.


Taking into account all of this it is hard to argue that the Honda Civic Type R is a monstrous hot hatchback that overgrew the segment of Golf GTI. With immensely powerful two liter engine, wonderful tech and track tuned suspension, the Honda Civic Type R finally reached the lunacy level of its old predecessors. It is finally a car that will not be shy to take on even at some Porsches and that really is the first homework for any hot hatch. With a maximum speed of 167 mph and acceleration to 62 in 5.7 seconds that is exactly what the Japanese wanted.


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