The New Ducati Panigale 959: Spy Shot

Like all supposed “best kept secrets,” a spy shot of the new Panigale 959 was inevitable. (And honestly, these days all so called “spy-shots” are just clever marketing tools aimed at hooking us in, right?) On paper, the new Panigale 959 isn’t due to be unveiled until November in Milan – so someone (probably Ducati) have given us these little shots to whet our appetites.


Pretty much all of these images have been watermarked by someone or other, so you’ll have to forgive my rushed Microsoft Paint cover job but hopefully you can still see what we’re all seeing: not much at all, really. Overall, we’re looking at a model that’s strikingly similar to the 899 platform, with only a few telltale signs that prove that it isn’t. Although the masking tape over the model logo is my favorite, Ducati have made some nice changes that give the 959 a bigger feel.


Firstly, the fairings looks like a reworked version of the 1299 Panigale but with some new plastics at the front, with a small gap and a place for the 899’s twin headlights to fit in too. Another obvious change are the size of the air scoops; naturally, they’re bigger than the 899, because they’re going to be feeding a bigger engine. Unlike the 899, the lower part of the 959’s fairings also pop a bit of engine casing on show, displaying the Ducati logo.


The new 959 platform also sports a double sided swing arm, unlike the 1299’s single sided affair. Apart from the new, twin stemmed mirrors, everything else is what we’ve already seen before, from the radial mounted monobloc calipers from Brembo – exactly the same as the 899 arrangement – to the Showa forks and Sachs rear shock.


Engine and electronics wise, we’ll have to wait until November 16th for a few more specifics. So far, it seems like Ducati have rushed this job but then again, this is only a spy shot. What’s really going on underneath? That’s the big and most important question. We’ll be waiting for more news, hopefully another spy shot will answer our questions before the grand unveiling. At EICMA, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali promises to unveil nine new Ducati models in total, and this is only one of them.

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