The Morgan Plus 8 by Vilner Has The Interior You’d Be Amazed By

Making insanely cool cars, Morgan has always been a type of a car manufacturer whose insanity you appreciate and love the cars,  but never buy them. The reason is simple. First of all, they build very, very expensive cars whose use in the real world isn’t exactly clear yet. However, they look stunning, they get us back to times when everything was done by hand and they show us what true British craftsmanship is all about. Looking at this magnificent Morgan Plus 8 it is hard not to think of it as the ultimate homage to the British car industry heritage. It is plush, posh, nice, smiled, happy and dignified at the same time. Just as the British gentleman.


The same story is on the inside where the true British style dominates. Although, we have not been quite honest about that British interior. This is, my friends, the work of a Bulgarian aftermarket tuner Vilner who did incredible job in freshening up the interior of this magnificent 2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary.


Vilner is quite honestly the big name in the business of leather processing. The impeccably crafted interior of this cool Morgan definitely shows that, but all of the stuff that was done in here somehow reminds us of Britain and not Bulgaria by any means. Quilted leather wonderfully crafted and stitched in rhomb shape reminds of things we saw earlier on some of the best Bentleys and Rolls Royce vehicles. Honestly, even that Infiniti Concept with the rear seats so white you have to wear sunglasses inside doesn’t seem as impressive as this interior done by Vilner.


Brown leather and black alcantara were the materials of choice for Vilner. By upholstering basically every visible element in the Morgan Plus with the brown leather, well known British ambiance was created inside and that certainly demonstrated the willingness of the Vilner to provide the Morgan with authentic British feel and look this car certainly is based upon.


The reason for using a brown leather is simple. As we pointed out earlier, Morgan cars are based on the ladder chassis on top of which a wooden frame has been integrated. Almost every Morgan is built this way and the 2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary is no exception. Aluminum panels placed around the wood did some tricks in giving this car a metal feel to it, but the wooden frame is something that the buyers and admirers of Morgan actually quite like. So, the wood underneath all that metal bodywork and now the brown leather covering almost any piece of the interior you can see reminds everyone of that.


The extent of work done here is of the hook. As you might already know this 35th anniversary car is actually a used machine by some (very rich) bloke who wanted the interior of the Morgan to be as British as possible. So many changes were made that the car looks like it is all new. Smartly, Alcantara upholstery is used for the dook mechanism and other mechanism on the car, while the leather is definitely something the owner of the Morgan will be very pleased about.


Interestingly, only 100 units of the 2003 Morgan Plus 8 35th Anniversary were ever made and this one, shown here shows that these cars age very well. The car is powered by a four liter V8 producing 190 HP and 236 lb ft of torque. That is not a lot by any means, but then again, you’ll never need anything more when cruising in this roadster and feeling like its 1930s once again.

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