The Mercedez-AMG Super Car Finally Gets A Name: Project One

After being known only by the code name R50 for so long, the Mercedez-AMG super car finally gets named. The official title for the car is set to be dubbed Project One so we’re one step closer to the reveal. While there have been teasers along the way, a name for the vehicle is a good benchmark towards the finished project.

The Details So Far

There have been bread crumbs dropped along the trail as we’ve been getting closer to this point. The team behind it has said that the design will be both stunning and perfect. Though that doesn’t say much, stats and figures speak louder than marketing jargon.

The engine is set to be a derivative of the turbocharged 1.6L from the F1 champion W07 Hybrid. While the core engine is still an internal combustion, it has help to get Project One moving. The front axle will have a devoted electric drive system with selective wheel drive. This means that the all wheel layout will be using two different engines to power each axle.

Power Spread and Release

With the electric motor taking care of the front end, the V6 is free to power the rear wheels. In total, the powertrain in this hybrid is supposed to be able to deliver more than 1000 horsepower across its layout. The two seat Project One will definitely be one of the most interesting hybrids to hit the road so far.

All of the hints and rumors will be at an end once the car hits production in the later half of 2017. There’s even talk of the Frankfurt Motor Show getting the first public look at Project One in September. This is a groundbreaking way for AMG to celebrate their 50th year but models will likely be limited. Talk at the moment puts availability between 200 and 300 units priced at $2.5 million each.

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