The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a 805 Horsepower Family Car

Long, low, and mean as heck

Finally, the automotive world is going to see just how ludicrous fast, sporty sedans can get before people realize that they are better off getting a practical family car and a sports car separately. I don’t mean to sound too cynical about the whole trend, but I cannot really understand the appeal of a car like the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept or its competition; the Audi RS7 and Porsche Panamera.

And it’s not that these cars are too slow. On the contrary, they are actually exceptionally fast for what they are. The formula isn’t too hard to understand either: just take a quick grand tourer and add another row of seats. You end up with the engine in the front, and lots of passengers sitting behind it. A coupe-style rear end keeps the whole thing from feeling cumbersome and helps with aerodynamics and a low center of gravity.

In the case of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept, there is a lot of very impressive engineering at play. This is nothing new from the likes of AMG, the in-house tuning division owned by Mercedes. They have made two models so far that are made exclusively by AMG and sold under the Mercedes-AMG name: The SLS AMG and the AMG GT. The GT Concept would be the third model to share that distinction, and AMG has confirmed that a sedan model will go into production.

Powering the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is a hybrid powertrain that generates a total of 805 horsepower. An electric motor sends power to the rear wheels while the engine, a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8, sends power out to all four of the wheels. This balance that the GT Concept will be able to put that power to good use and have that instant torque electric motors are so well-known for, on tap for whenever acceleration needs to happen.

So the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is fast, technologically advanced, and large enough to seat five adults. But, I ask again, why? Why have an 805 horsepower sports sedan? To make it worse on the track and less efficient on the street? To make sure you have as many people on board as possible when you test the limits of the traction control? Maybe it was too light and agile with just two seats. Who knows?

It feels like people are obsessed with one car that can do it all, and are looking past the fact that you can own more than one car. This isn’t just more fun and more practical for those looking to drive fast, it also seems genuinely ore responsible to not own an 800 horsepower supercar that you can strap a carseat into. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is inevitably going to be a force to be reckoned with, but will consumers keep this overkill mindset long enough for it to be a commercial success?

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