The Mansory Bentley Continental GTC Is An Obscene Creation

As opulent as they are, Mansory wowed all the attendees of the Frankfurt Motor Show with one of the most extravagant Bentleys the world has ever seen. Not even the pink one owned by Paris Hilton can hold a candle to this one. It is that kind of insane overkill. Making discoveries in the fields of carbon fiber production made Mansory quite a wealthy company. They are in multi million dollar business and the opulence of their tuned machines definitely proves that quite nicely.


The latest move on the Bentley was made with the Continental GTC. An exceptional, large and quite heavy convertible that is quite obscene even coming straight from the company, received such a blunt and scandalous makeover you’ll either throw up at its sight or celebrate the perfection of Mansory designers and tuners. We definitely don’t think anyone with functionally eyesight and sane reason can call something like this beautiful, because it isn’t. If we are to make an analogy then these 32 inch wheels come close to the sheer obscenity and decadence that the Mansory GTC brings.


What they have done is almost perfect for the type of a city like Dubai or Doha. Oil fields owners and their kids will definitely like it very much.


The awesomeness factor here should be powerful. Orange paint on it is definitely something no one expected. It glitters, it shines and it is has exceptionally “showoff” features. Interestingly integrated carbon fiber parts include the new hood, new bumpers, accentuated side skirts, carbon fiber covered A pillars, rear diffuser and wings and the vents. This way, the luxurious Continental GTC could become exceptionally close to sport, but it actually isn’t. Too much of glitter is on this and we simply cannot forget about it despite all the sporty stuff done to the GTC.


Trying to make the things right, Mansory engineers radically improved the engine. Coming from the factory the motor develops sick 635 HP. We are talking here about a W12 with profound changes including installation of new pistons and piston rods, updated camshaft, modified turbochargers, a new intercooler, sports air filters, revised engine and transmission management systems. The result? The Bugatti Veyron. That is the result. 1000 HP and 886 lb ft of torque channeled to the road make the large roofless Bentley achieve the speed of 62 mph in 3,9 seconds. It also achieves the maximum speed of 205 mph. An incredible for a car of this conception. We remind you that this thing weighs over 5.500 lbs.


The opulence coming from the inside also dominates the scene. Everything is so colorful you’d feel practically like driving in some sort of a theme park. Basically, it looks like it lost the elegance and the stance of a Bentley and received the character of a rich MMA fighter. It’s a bit cheesy, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, the Mansory Bentley Continental GTC is a roofless monster that has forgotten about British elegance and pose. It may be hideous, but it sure is fast.

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