The Luckiest Rider In The World!

We’ve seen videos of lucky riders, but this one takes “luck” to a whole new level. Fortunately, the whole incident was caught on film by a security camera, so you can stop and rewind this incredible moment of dumb luck, or incredible twist of fate. This video was shot in Invercargill, New Zealand.


Now, we’re not entirely sure what caused the rider to take the tumble in the first place: he either arrived at the junction carrying far too much speed and it caught him by surprise, or something else caught his attention and forced him to throw the anchors down – either way, it doesn’t matter. He fell, and both bike and rider were set on a collision course with a van that was tearing along the adjoining road.

But a full blown fatality wasn’t on the cards, because some kind of dumb luck or divine intervention had the final say instead, and the oncoming van managed to squeeze between the sliding rider and the bike – clipping the latter, but avoiding the former. It’s almost too unreal to be true, but true it is. We had to watch this a fair few times just to look out for clever editing, but it looks real to our eyes!

Now that’s what we call a “close call” – wouldn’t you agree?

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