The KTM X2 Hybrid ATV Concept by Anssi Mustonen

Not strictly a motorcycle, but a cool concept nonetheless: introducing the KTM X2 Hybrid from Finnish designer Anssi Mustonen. You might be thinking: “why would I need an ATV that converts into a snowmobile?” or “why would I ever need a snowmobile, full stop?” but if you’re from Finland, with snow and wilderness in all directions, both are pretty handy, we imagine.

KTM_ATVconcept3 KTM_ATVconcept6

Then again, why do we own half of the things we do? If you’re going to invest in a tool, you might as well buy the one with the most functions, right? So here’s a genuinely dual purpose machine. It can pretty much go anywhere, and do anything, and comes powered with a KTM motor – which if international statistics are worth believing in, is a very sought after bit of kit. But that’s not the key feature here, it’s just a nice addition.

KTM_ATVconcept1 KTM_ATVconcept2

If you want to tackle the snow, you just pop on the snowmobile skis and the rubber track at the back, it’s as simple as that – or if you fancy tackling a few off-road trails and beating through some bush, pop off the skis and bolt your chunky off-road tires on, instead. Simple as that. The transmission is exactly the same, and the engine is capable of powering both drive modes.

KTM_ATVconcept7 KTM_ATVconcept4

At the moment, it’s only a concept, but it’s actually a pretty cool idea for a useful and practical dual purpose vehicle – obviously, it depends on your climate because the snow feature is probably a bit redundant for those living in more hospitable climates. However, if you’re the outdoor type that lives in the remoter, snowier reaches, take these plans down to your local mechanic and see what he can come up with.


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