The Kawasaki H2R In White by Trick Star

While this is by no means an “official” color option, Trick Star workshop have put their stamp on the Kawasaki Ninja H2R with a radical color option.


After recently revealing that the Ninja H2R will be available for a second time earlier on this month, many people have been left with a disappointing feeling after Kawasaki disclosed that the 2016 edition will have no updates to speak of. Fortunately, that frustration is reserved for a very small portion of motorcycle riders, and any who criticize Kawasaki further probably don’t understand how hard it is to produce a motorcycle of the H2R’s caliber, let alone develop upgrades for it in less than 12 months…


Still, a change of color can completely change the aesthetic and dynamic of a bike; the recent addition of the Mirror Spark Black has been met with positive reactions, but how would a white incarnation go down, I wonder? The guys at Trick Star had a similar idea, and this was their final outcome.


White and silver might not be everyone’s ideal choice but you can’t deny that it adds a new dimension to Kawasaki’s hyper beast. The harsh and aggressive lines of the H2R have been drawn out and accentuated with the new livery, giving the impression that the H2R has been carved from ice and give the overall impression that the Kawasaki is an aggressive and violent machine. Which we know that it certainly is.


Still, it doesn’t really matter what color your Ninja H2R is if you’ve got one. But what do we think of it in white and silver? Yay or nay?

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