The Kawasaki H2R Hits 400 Km/h! (Video)

Watch as Kenan Sofuoglu rides the Kawasaki Ninja H2R into the history books, clocking a top speed of 400 km/h (248.6 mph) in a mere 26 seconds. We always knew that the H2R was going to be capable of incredible speeds, but 248.6 mph is truly insane. Despite the great success, there are a few people who have been skeptical of the reliability of the H2R’s speedo… And sure, the 400 km/h marker does only flash onto the screen for a split second, but even so – it’s a hell of a success for the Japanese hyperbike.

The original goal for the Turkish rider was to hit the 400 km/h marker in less than 30 seconds, along the Ozman Gazi Bridge. However, he managed to push the Ninja to the limit and do it in 26. To get the H2R to that astonishing speed, both the bike and rider were fitted with a few extra boons – but the bike remains in its stock condition, with no aftermarket bits or race kit extras. The bonus features were nothing more than specifically designed Pirelli tires, for much needed grip, race grade fuel from Elf, and a specifically designed and aerodynamic one piece leather race suit from Rev‘It.


Now, we’re going to have to wait until Kawasaki can organize another run with Guinness World Records overseeing the event with special speed reading technology. Even though the Kawasaki clearly hit the 400 km/h speed, speedos have been known not to be the most accurate things in the world. Even so, it did hit the desired speed, and whether or not it was 400 km/h or just below, it was still f*cking fast, and faster than any of us will ever go on two wheels.


The H2R will be making an appearance at Bonneville later on this year, so we’ll have to wait until then to see what the Ninja is truly capable of, or whether this was just a fluke. Full marks and a well-deserved thumbs up go to Kenan Sofuoglu though – it was a great effort!

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