The Jeremy Clarkson Kerfuffle – BBC PC Storm

Jeremy Clarkson Fired

Let’s take a second and look at the big picture and why Clarkson won’t have his contract with BBC renewed. Then we will resume our regularly scheduled programming.

The storm clouds over the entertainer Jeremy Clarkson has been brewing for years, and finally the BBC got one grain of sand too many in their collective vaginas. Yes, Clarkson like myself like to speak our minds and use vulgar language because extremely deprived individuals take offense to it, where as many gearheads find humor.  Instead of using their energy to make the world a better place, Clarkson haters use their resources and energy to simply bitch and try to form other groups of collectively hurt pussies in order to protest the entertainer. Gearheads talk about cars, girls, and beer and we also have potty mouths, that is the way we were born and if you can’t accept us for who we are then you are no better than the people you attack. Acceptance and equality for all, not just the ones you choose.

Clarkson falls into a category of wealthy, aristocratic-like white male individuals that hold a sense of patriotism and even chauvinism in the eyes of the extreme “liberals” and if you ever go to a dinner party of these far left individuals you will soon realize that they lack any sense of humor and even compassion for individuals other than themselves. Trust me I have been to a few and a majority talk shit about everyone (even so called friends) but themselves, because deep down inside they are miserable.


Jeremy is simply an entertainer and gearhead that has fallen into a trifecta of magic with the likes of James May and Richard Hammond. As we try and duplicate Top Gear here in the United States, Australia, France, Germany, etc, etc & etc. All these shows pale in comparison to what BBC 2 has had to offer. The chemistry between the three is the key to the success. Add some of the best cinematography and challenges to the mix and it snowballs into a show that the whole family comes together to watch. Now the BBC will lose the chemistry and its viewers making it yet another win for the politically correct mob. So RIP Top Gear.

The BBC has always been lambasted by humorless individuals that want Clarkson and Top Gear dismantled due to the fact that it goes against their “religion” of political correctness and environmentalism. The problem is that these sick individuals preach equality for all but if your views differ from theirs or you simply are trying to be funny then you go against their religion which is of course blasphemous in their eyes and you have to be sacked or attacked. It is another form of extremism and they all need to be stopped.

Jeremy Clarkson Cut

Yes Clarkson can be a pompous middle-aged man baby who you would likely be annoyed within a matter of hours but who fucking cares. He is an entertainer and if he was the form of Kanye West would we be having the same discussion? Kanye constantly makes public outbursts and is controversial yet we don’t see talking heads on TV demanding that his record label cuts him or that he is forbidden to attend ceremonies. For fuck sake, Kenye said he was Jesus, imagine if Clarkson said he was Muhammed. There is a whirlwind of double standards and insecure humorless individuals in this world that lack the simple joys in life.

I hope that the trio of presenters will join forces and head to another channel in the hopes of keeping something going. What the more realistic outcome is, is that May and Hammond will stay on and they will try to prop up the show or even worse replace Clarkson and watch the show eat itself even if they got the likes of Chris Harris. I certainly hope that BBC simply reinstates Clarkson and we continue on.

Here at Gearheads we love making readers laugh and forget about the eggshells they have to constantly step on in order to maintain their jobs on a daily basis and I myself will likely come under immense scrutiny if I ever am ever put into the spotlight. Fortunately, I write for gearheads and nobody ever reads this shit.

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