The Honda Civic Sedan Type R Could Happen And We Know What It Will Look Like

The Honda Civic Type R has been confirmed for the US. However, that is not all we want to see from it. The new Civic Sedan was introduced only weeks ago and a microsecond after its unveiling, motoring journalist wanted to know “will you make a Type R version of it?” Asking this question with their eyes wide open and puppy like faces, everyone wanted to hear the word “Yes”. Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but some interesting Honda Civic Sedan prototypes have been seen thundering the Nurburgring. If we are right, these could be the Civic Type R Sedan prototypes.


The world really wants this sedan to happen. We bring you not one, but two different Type R Sedan renders made by amateur designers. The white one was made by a certain CivicX render specialist, while the other comes from X-Tomi (a rather well known Photoshop expert).

Obviously used style elements from the Honda Civic Type R hatchback were pasted on the sedan and it did wonders. Enormous rear spoiler is the most dominant part of the whole visualization, but we cannot be indifferent to the sheer lunacy of the front end. Both designers envisioned slightly different front ends with CivicX employing an almost BMW-like front bumper. The big wheels and small openings on the fenders are a nice touch. On the other hand, the X-Tomi Design Civic Type R Sedan took a slightly different turn. Red color on it looks better, as well as flared fenders, but it seems that the CivicX Civic TypeR Sedan has a dash more presence to it.


All in all, the new Civic Type R Sedan will probably come. It will compete with the Subaru WRX STi, the Ford Focus RS and the Golf R, but it will probably only have a FWD layout. The revealed hatch is powered by a two liter turbocharged engine producing 306hp. No doubt, the same engine will be employed here as well.

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