The heir of the hyper car McLaren F1 will be hybrid

Since the nineties McLaren F1 was a real hyper car, it was the fastest serial car of its time. McLaren MP4 – 12C all the same does not deserve the prefix hyper – it’s just one of the many modern supercars. But by 2014 the British manufacturer plans to introduce really a worthy heir of the legendary F1 – with the same name car of the new generation. And about this car under the code name P12 some of the details are already known, reports the German edition AutoBild.

The new McLaren will play in the premier league of the super fast and the super expensive sports cars. But as in it currently are distributed the hybrid trends, so McLaren will use the similar technology. The main burden will fall on the V8 engine of its own construction with the two turbo compressors – its output will be 592 horsepower. But to help him, the engineers from Woking will detach a 200 – hp electric engine, the source of energy will be the system similar to the formula KERS.
In total peak power of nearly 800 horsepower the car will be able gain 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds and accelerate up to 390 km / h. This will be the merit of not only the power plant, but also the low mass – about 1,200 pounds! For this platform and some other elements of the body of hair of F1 will be entirely made of carbon fiber. The future competitors of the hyper car from the McLaren Company will be the super hybrids BMW i8, Porsche 918 Spyder, Jaguar C – X75, and also the Ferrari which is under the development a descendant of the gasoline electric model Enzo.

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