‘The Grand Tour’ With Jeremy Clarkson Starts With A Bang!

If you saw what Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were filming for the first season of the new show ‘The Grand Tour’ you would be amazed. Could we first agree this is the best crew ever to host a show? They have chemistry and the way they joke around with each other in a seemingly cruel but easygoing way. You’ve got to love them.

The stunt in the first audience segment was shot in California. The three presenters were pursued across a desert by 150 exotic cars worth $25 million and 6 jet planes. The whole thing reportedly cost over 3 million dollars including the 2000 extras. According to The Sun, this is the most expensive single scene ever filmed for television.


While the trio was in California filming for the show, they were convinced to do a segment for ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’. It was mind-blowing! Each host had to drive a Corvette as fast as possible around the Willow Springs race track while James Corden sat on the passenger seat asking general-knowledge questions. The trick was maintaining the highest speed without getting distracted by James’ questions while still getting all the answers correct.


Wrong answers attracted a penalty on the lap time. Considering many can’t even talk on the phone while driving, this is some next level thing! Wait for the show to air to see who scored what. Corden must have had a lot of fun with this considering he had earlier on featured on Top Gear where he set a record of 1 minute 53.4 seconds in a Chevrolet Lacetti.


Watch out for the next audience filming session this October in Whitby, England. This is a relatively famous town in the car filming industry. It was featured several times on Top Gear. Once on the show, Jeremy Clarkson appeared there to review a BMW i8. You should not miss out this time!

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