The Ducati “Zero” Concept – by Fernando Pastre Fertonani

We’re always wondering what Ducati would bring to the electric bike market if it decided to bite the bullet and try their hand at building an electric bike – and this cool concept from Brazilian designer Fernando Pastre Fertonani is one of the most interesting ideas we’ve seen. Almost all the major manufacturers are dipping their toes in the electric revolution in some degree. We’ve got Harley Davidson and their (soon to be in production) LiveWire model, numerous concepts from BMW Motorrad, wild ideas from the big Japanese companies, but so far…nothing from Ducati.

While this concept is definitely not official, it has been designed in collaboration with the Ducati Design Studio, as a project for Milan’s prestigious Scuola Politecnica di Design post-graduate design institute. And unlike other Ducati electric concepts we’ve seen in the past, this one is more geared towards present day reality rather than aimed at a fanciful futuristic scenario. It’s called the Ducati “Zero” – and we really quite like it.

Here’s the text from the images, so you can get an idea of what’s going on here: “The Ducati Zero is a small, light, full electric superbike. Taking into account the design of the contemporary combustion powered Ducati motorbikes we explored a new design direction, focused on the possibilities created by the components of the electric drivetrain. The result is a more minimalistic and smooth approach, with a contrasting two-toned body dividing the sculptural – from the technical parts.”

“The design of the motorbike is inspired by the attack of a snake resulting into an aggressive and forward moving stance. The Zero logo on the side of the bike changes color regarding to the driving mode that is selected, either Eco, Strada or Corsa, proudly presenting the colors of the Italian national flag. The vertical DLR and Zero logo also double as indicator lights. The heart of the Ducati Zero, the electric motor, is displayed through a transparent part in the body. The multilink suspension is fixed on a suspended part of the body and is embraced by the swing arm, making it a compact and integrated solution. Below the white metallic sculptural body there are channels for the airflow of passive cooled batteries.”

There’s not really much we can say about the internal workings of the concept, we can take a look at the overall aesthetic. The Zero is steeped in Ducati design language, featuring a healthy mix of seductive curves with aggressive and intimidating straight lines. The bodywork as a whole looks as though it could fit right in with the rest of Ducati’s current range, without sticking out too much. And that’s what makes this concept a strong one: it’s ambitious and futuristic without breaking too many traditions.

But what do you think about it? If Ducati were to make a foray into the electric market, would you prefer to see something like this, something that resonates with the rest of the Ducati brand? Or would you prefer to see something more outlandish? Or, do you think Ducati should leave the electric business alone for the time being?

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