The DTV Shredder: A New Approach To Off-Roading!

We’re not entirely sure what this. It’s not an ATV in the conventional sense of the word, it’s not a snowboard, skate board or Segway either. And it runs on caterpillar tracks. We don’t know what it is, but we want one. We can all agree that it isn’t a motorcycle though, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be enormous fun to take for a rip around the dirt tracks and trails. In essence, it’s “like a stand up jetski that moves like a snowboard or skate board.” Fair enough…


dtvshredder dtvshredder2 dtv2

As far as the details go, it’s probably easier to watch the video to find out exactly what this thing is. If you’re looking for an off road vehicle that can handle pretty much anything that you throw at it, then this might very well be the thing for you…

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