The BMW M235i Track Edition Is The One You’d Like

If we are to talk about the best car no one currently talks about than it would be logical to assume that that car is actually the BMW 228i. Picture it! It is not outrageously big (the same as the BMW e36 which is possibly the best dimensioned car of all times), it is light, it has a rear wheel drive, it is not crazy expensive and it has all the bells and whistles that makes the Ultimate Driving Machine an Ultimate Driving Machine. So, what could possibly be better than it! Believe it or not, there is something better – the BMW 235i. That is a BMW faster than the M3 from ten years ago and still cheaper to maintain than any M BMW. The sort of car that the 235i can be is definitely something that reaches deep in the segment of sports cars and that is what we like about it.


Now, there were a few interesting versions of the 235i, but the last one, developed by the BMW Netherlands and offered only in there, might be the best one yet. It is called the BMW 235i Track Edition and while the name really spoils all the surprises we may be expecting from it, the fact that it is available only for 12 very special customers makes it kinda exclusive. Really, only 12 units will ever be produced and every single of them will have at least one special feature (at least color) no other Track Edition has.


True, we have to conjure that BMW simply looked a bit deeper in their M Performance parts portfolio and sourced out already available parts to make this “sort-of” special 235i. Elements differentiating it from the other 2 series coupe cars are the mighty body kit from M Performance and a wealth of other intricate touches you haven’t exactly seen before in the 235i.


Body kit includes the addition of a prominent splitter, new bootlid spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser. With it, the vehicle truly deserves to be called something more than just the 235i because it looks quite appealing. The exterior is also garnished with magnificent 19 inch wheels so nicely incorporated into the car that it looks just amazing.


All in all, the exterior, regardless of the color chosen looks and feels absolutely fantastic and it definitely made us recall some of the older BMW built machines we liked so much. Specialities are continuing in the cabin too. The 235i Track Edition received Alcantara bits all over the place. The steering wheel, handbrake and some other parts are covered with it, while the central display isn’t just any because it features a special Race mode enabling the driver to track its progress on the track and even to cloak the time it makes on there. Other things that make this car a bit special are new sports seats and stainless steel pedals.


Basically, nothing has been radically changed. The car is still powered by the same three liter twinpower turbo engine with 326 HP. With it, it certainly makes a run for its money. It is measured that this thing can pull 62 mph in as low as 4,7 seconds while it tops out at 155 mph. Basically, it is faster than a ten year old M3 and that is astonishing to say the least.

bmw-m235i-track-edition-06 bmw-m235i-track-edition-05

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