The BMW 760i G-Power Is The Closest Thing To The M7 You Can Get

The BMW 7 series was revealed only a few weeks ago and while it might be the best thing on four wheels ever conceived by humanity, its previous generation is still a blast in its own right. To make a proper farewell to a car that boldly stood against the likes of the S-class and the Audi A8, the famous German tuner G-Power (you may have heard about it here, here and here) placed the final touch to it and offered a special tuning kit which made it better, and ultimately, faster than ever before.


The BMW 7 series F01/02 has been in production since 2008 to 2015. As a flagship, it brings a lot of novelties never seen before on a BMW, or indeed on the 7 series. Among other things, the BMW F01 marked the new code naming nomenclature (its is the first car with an F codename), it received all turbocharged engines  (first time for the 7 series), it was the first seven series with an all wheel drive and it is the first BMW flagship to have some sort of hybrid propulsion system.


Obviously, the BMW 7 series F01 was a turnaround point for the Bavarian company and apart from making the BMW fans realize that the future isn’t all about displacement and size, this car also showed a nicer and more tamed future of the company. Of course, it is still a magnificent ride, but it was hard to properly take on the S-class, partly because the S-class’s fame comes in spades and partly because the buyers don’t find BMW to be a producer of ultimate luxury vehicles. That is why G-power did what it did. It took the most luxurious and the most powerful 760i and made it more sporty than ever.


Although the BMW 760i is the most powerful of the lot, it wasn’t considered a sporty version of it. The V12 engine inside has a displacement of 6 liters backed up by two turbochargers and by a rather comprehensive cooling system. In its most potent form ist develops cool 544 HP and 553 lb ft of torque. That is a lot of power even for a 4.630 lbs executive saloon. With it, it can make the twelve cylinder thunder while reaching 62 mph in 4,6 seconds.


G-Power didn’t make any extreme modifications to the engine. Only an ECU remap and installation of presumably a bit less restricted air filter enabled the engine to release additional 66 HP. Now, with 610 HP and 642 lb ft of torque, the large saloon can hit 62 mph in 4,3 seconds. That is fast. It is as fast as the BMW M3 actually, so if you ever wanted a 7 series with the speed of an M car, than this is it. As a final touch, G-Power installed special 21” Hurricane RR forged wheels costing $11.000. Interestingly,  the G-Power Bi-Tronik 5 V1 power module that increases power costs around $3.500.




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