The Blade Is The Newest 3D Printed Car And It’s A Supercar

Do you know who Kevin Czinger is!? Probably not, but if you google him a bit you may find interesting that he has been in the automotive business for years now. However, we cannot call all of his endeavours successful, but we can call them visionary and revolutionary for sure. Five years ago, when that “Iron Man” Elon Musk was making a head start with the Tesla Motor Company, Kevin Czinger was looking to introduce and develop an electric car which should revolutionize the industry. He failed, like many have failed in same endeavours. However, the innovative spirit of the man hasn’t disappeared and now, he is back with the world’s first 3D printed supercar (which isn’t electric, however we remember this one).


Interestingly, five years ago Czinger was certain that electricity is the way to go and that the propulsion systems of the cars of future had to be transformed. Now, however, his newest 700 HP supercar comes to life like a classic American muscle car. Looking rather futuristic, his new car, created by Divergent Microfactories and dubbed the “Blade” represents the next step in the world of vehicle production. Backbone of its development and production is based on 3D printing and the main idea behind it is the creation of the production process which will largely ease up on nature. As you may know 3D printing is cleaner, faster and more efficient than any other type of production. Thus, main parts of the chassis are made from 3D printed aluminum elements. Making junctions for the carbon fiber tubes which make up the tubular chassis of the Blade, Divergent Microfactories and Kevin Czinger ensured extremely low weight of the car.


Interestingly, it weighs only 1.400 pounds which is actually quite remarkable considering that the lightest high-production cars of today double that weight. Some concerns emerge about this car though. What about the safety!? We know that NHTSA and EuroNCAP are like Gaius Julius Caesar of the car world and if they say that the car can satisfy the safety requirements than it’s all good. Of course, the Blade was not crash tested and it probably never will be, but Czinger says it has highly rigid and powerful chassis.

Thanks to the carbon fiber elements the stiffness is unquestionable and it is possible that this thing is actually safe. Remember that Donkervoort D8 Bare Naked!? It was built using Carbon Fiber chassis and according to Donkervoort it is extremely stiff and strong. Moreover, McLaren built cars have monocoque carbon fiber chassis and they aren’t even required to have a rollcage due to the stiffness and safety carbon fiber chassis provide. Kevin Czinger isn’t talking rubbish here. Carbon fiber is the future, no question there.


Modern space frame chassis with simple yet nicely made interior is something all major car manufacturers are looking to achieve thus keeping the cost of production at the lowest possible level. According to Kevin, the price of the chassis for this supercar, or for the more complex truck could be as low as 2.000 bucks. The reason for making this is simple. This guy wants to lower the overall carbon footprint associated with the whole cars lifespan including its production. With advanced 3D printing techniques, the production could become exceptionally less demanding and the cars could be produced at much higher rates with much lower carbon footprint. If the production of the cars is simplified (with the 3D printing process), than the use of fossil fuels wouldn’t actually be that much of a problem.

All in all, this is another enthusiast who wants to make the world a better place to be. Luckily, Elon Musk had the means to make its ideas and visions materialized and that is only that counts.

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