The Best Off-Road Vehicles You can Buy in 2017

Everyone needs to go off-road once in a while

A strange thing has happened in the last few years in America. After the minivan got too domestic and SUVs started taking over the roads as the go-to family car, trucks and SUVs got softer, more comfortable, and more car-like. This, paired with higher gas prices and growing awareness of global warming, spawned the Crossover and the ensuing boom in the popularity of small SUVs on platforms designed for passenger cars.

That span of time was, technically speaking, super lame. Sure, it made trucks more efficient and less prone to toppling over, but it really took out a vital part of the off-roader spirit behind big American 4x4s. Trucks provided adventurous, ambitious people a way to get around harsh terrain and in questionable conditions. Their ability to tow and haul gear was almost on-par with commercial vehicles. In short, trucks were badass and slowly lost their edge as city-goers, suburbanites, and safety-lovers got their hands on them. People who deserved minivans decided that they were above them and ruined the fun for everyone else.

Now that Crossovers that are essentially lifted hatchbacks are taking over the civilized world, those outside of it can finally have some decent machinery in 2017. Pair the little Crossover trend with low gas prices, and you have the recipe for some very interesting innovation. With the more standard companies like Ford, Chevy, and Dodge getting involved the great 4×4 battle, old pros like Jeep and Toyota are having to step their game up. So, without further ado, here are the best off-roaders you can buy from a dealership in 2017:

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