The BEST Looking BMW i8 May Be This Amazing Creation From California

As if the regular BMW i8 wasn’t cool enough, Vorsteiner decided to tune up and create an i8 that is sure to turn some heads. Certainly that will come to a surprise for everybody considering that the hybrid sports car is a wonder of modern design and advanced engineering. Curvaceous and angular body lines that really go well together, making it one of the best-looking eco-friendly cars on the market did not stop the guys at Vorsteiner.


In the build-up for this year’s GoldRush Rally, the California-based aftermarket tuning company who is renowned for quality, fitment and leading-edge designs tuned up the i8 with an aero kit. The newly introduced aero kit builds up on the factory design and adds a more aggressive and an overall cooler look.


Aerodynamics VR-E Vorsteiner package for the BMW i8 consists of a carbon fibre aero front spoiler, aero rear diffuser and some subtle enhancements to the side skirts. These parts have been made from fibre by Vorsteiner because they offer supreme durability and rigidity. The Vorsteiner parts have been constructed from the finest Autoclaved Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fibre, that provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability in comparison to traditional hand laid carbon fibre composites. Completing the looks of the Vorsteiner i8, they have added their newly designed VFE-301 forged wheels that are unique to this i8. The 22-inch wheels are lighter and bigger than the OEM setup, basically offering weight sensible visual upgrade.


Thanks to the improvements to the aerodynamics, the performance of i8 should be better now and it will also look cooler in doing so. The combination of black, blue and white colours alternating across the car are really something special, and the car will certainly stand out in the line up with the Frozen Blue vinyl wrap. Especially when you take in the account of the tradition of the GoldRush Rally since most of the cars participating usually feature gold colour in one way or another. The wrap features the Vorsteiner‘s iconic “V” logo all over the hood and around the body, which is the only part of the car that does not resemble the original colours of the car.  


As for the power of the car, it will remain the same as in the standard version of the i8, with a 357-horsepower hybrid 3-cylinder engine that sends the power to all of the four wheels effectively. The gets up from 0 to 60mph in just 4,4 seconds.

vorsteiner-bmw-i8-06 vorsteiner-bmw-i8-01

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