The Best Family Cars On The Market Today

Top 5 Best Family Cars

Your family is very important, which is why you need to choose a vehicle that is safe and reliable. There are plenty of makes and models to choose from, but you need to find a car that’s affordable, comfortable and can accommodate your family and your lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a great family car, the following are your best family car options.

Honda Civic

If you have a smaller family, the Honda Civic is the perfect choice for your vehicle needs. Not only is the car extremely affordable, but it also has room to comfortably seat five people, so your entire family will be comfortable no matter how long the drive. Plus, the Civic can get up to 39 mpg, making it a great money saver when it comes to gas.

Honda Civic - A Family Car

Chevrolet Suburban

If you’re looking for something bigger to fit your entire large family and keep them safe, the Chevrolet Suburban is the top choice for you. This vehicle is perfect for the larger family that wants to not only travel with their family, but wants to haul everything they own too. The Suburban can fit up to nine people comfortably and all the luggage in the world. Plus, the Suburban can tow objects up to 9,5000 pounds, so you can bring the family, the luggage and a spare car if necessary.

Chevy Suburban

Volkswagen Passat

Volkswagen makes a great car, and the Passat is one of the best family cars on the market today. The Passat is an affordable mid-size sedan that is a smooth ride with great gas mileage. You can comfortably fit your family of five in the Passat, and there are plenty of upgrades available on the vehicle to make it all your own. Plus, the best thing about the Passat is that it’s made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, so you’ll be purchasing an American-made car.

VW Passat

Subaru Outback

If your family goes everywhere, the Subaru Outback could be the next member of your family. This vehicle is smaller than your average SUV (more like a fancy station wagon), but it’s capable of traveling on road or off road with great gas mileage and a very durable roof rack. Plus, though it looks small, five adults can fit inside comfortably, and there’s still room for luggage, groceries or whatever else you may be traveling with.

The Subaru Outback

Honda Odyssey

You can’t have a list of best family cars without having a mini van on the list, and the Honda Odyssey is the best minivan choice for your family. With a unique look, the Odyssey doesn’t look like your typical minivan, making it more attractive for the soccer mom. It does, however, have all the great features of a minivan—sliding rear doors, comfortable seating for seven, and upgrades that include DVD players. Plus, the Odyssey handles extremely well, making it a smooth ride.

Honda Odyssey Van

So if you’re looking for a smaller car or an oversized SUV, there are plenty of vehicles in all shapes and sizes that will perfectly fit your family.


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