The Best Car In Japan Is Recognized Mazda «Atenza»

Thanks to the American magazine “Popular Mechanics” Mazda 6 car of the last generation received the title of “Best Car of the Year”. According to Jim Meigs, who is editor in chief of the publication, this machine does make a very good impression, with a glance at her. Sedan is perfect in handling, impressive looks and possesses simply outstanding features.
The magazine appreciated the positive side of the motor car, resembling a family of Sky-Activ. Its working volume is 2.5 liters and power output is 184. Torque of 250 N / m, is reached at 3.2 thousand rev / min.
During the testing of the car journalists of “Popular Mechanics” delighted its agility and responsiveness. The same can be said about the spaciousness and excellent functionality of the internal space. Mazda 6 is equipped with advanced options such as anti-lock braking system, cruise control, EBD (responsible for the distribution of braking forces), the function of Stability Control, electronic assistant when riding uphill, automatic control of the pressure in the tires, intelligent high beam function of informing the driver of the exit from the right lane, the control system of “blind spots” and warning of an impending collision.
Interestingly, in the list of the best, but in the other categories, included other cars. For example, the title of “the most productive car” won the sports car Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, capable of achieving the first hundred in four seconds. The title of “most profitable car” has earned Nissan Note, which combines technological innovation and low price. The luxurious Mercedes S-Class received the title of “Technical Innovation”, and “most luxurious” car magazine recognized the Lexus IS. In the category “design” the most points scored Jaguar F-Type, «universal» – Jeep Cherokee, «the pleasure of handling» – Ford Fiesta ST and “fuel economy” – a diesel Chevrolet Cruze.

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