The Bentley Flying Spur Beluga Looks Like A Whale, But It Isn’t One

Employing a “whale” design so you can sort of make your car look more athletic is something we don’t find often in the industry. Well, if you are to make a car look athletic by making it similar to some of the sea creatures than you should go for a tiger shark or for the sailfish (which can actually hit 68 mph). That way your car doesn’t end up looking fat like this Bentley.


Fat, actually doesn’t have to mean ugly. The Beluga Bentley revealed here looks a bit like that whale, but the sheer drama about it isn’t in its athletic stance, but in its aristocratic values smartly presented by the Beluga whale (which is “near threatened” species) elegance and grace.

We have learned before that the Flying Spur with its four doors, long nose, large “eyes” up front and courageous Bentley grill hides true design grace accentuated by the smartly conveyed side lines and sheer size of the thing. Really, when Lincoln revealed their newest Continental Concept (a beautiful car) the main Bentley designer Luc Donckerwolke actually tweeted “I would have called it a Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights.” He was right as Bentley already integrated most of the appealing lines on the Flying Spur.


What possibly could they have done to improve an already nice car even more!?

Actually, nothing much as the car comes with painted low grill thus making the biggest visual difference in comparison with the “non-Beluga” Flying Spur. With it the lights come into focus thus inspiring the creative force of the team building the car to call this thing a Beluga. At least that is our assumption, but we might be dead wrong. As we have found out, the Beluga name isn’t new to Bentley as the car offered a special interior called the Beluga Black. Also, the name isn’t new to the owners of Bentley vehicles as the Beluga is name of a rather special Beluga caviar costing 3.200/lbs. So, make you own conclusions.


Regardless of its name, the special trim gets new 20-inch wheels, a wealth of piano black veneer on the inside and astonishingly comfortable seats with quilted leather on them. Additional elements don’t stop there either. Special floor mats, different stitching and all new carpet in the trunk are novelties true gentlemen will certainly appreciate.

As for that part where Bentley mentioned athlete, the Brits offered the Beluga (digression: it’s a nice name, Bentley could have a car bearing this name, don’t you think) exclusively with the newest V8 engine. It is a well known powerplant with 4 liters of capacity, a couple of turbochargers and a maximum power output of 510 HP. In the normal Flying Spur this is enough for the acceleration to 62 mph in 5,2 seconds. The Beluga will do the same, no wonder there.

The car is actually available for order right now, but the customers would have to wait until autumn to get it. People buy Bentleys nowadays more than ever.

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