The Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series Name Is Too Long For This Title


Almost every Breitling commercial has one thing in common – some sort of an aircraft. It is well known that Breitling sponsors all sort of aeronautical events and it is easier to spot a plane with Breitling written on it than a Bald eagle. Now, however, the name Breitling will surface on the sides of the newest Bentley Continental GT. As we know, Breitling has been the partner of Bentley for more than a decade and it was a matter of time when the cars wearing the Bentley name will be given some sort of Breitling makeover. Well, here it is.


Based on the Bentley Continental GT Speed and powered by the most powerful Bentley engine GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series is an ultimate expression of the Bentley and Breitling partnership. The first thing obvious is the special livery taken from the most popular L-39 Albatros jets. With the two-tone Hallmark and Onyx body with yellow accents, this special limited production Bentley definitely looks the business. Actually, it looks so good and sinister it is a surprise we haven’t seen this transformation even before. Colors arranged in a proper way can really make a difference.


The exterior theme definitely links the Bentley Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series (boy it has a long name) with the Albatros jets and it has taken over the interior too. It has green accents on the seats, on the dash and even on the steering wheel, while the Breitling watch dominates the center console additionally strengthening the bond between two exclusive companies. As Bentley is going to produce only seven units of this highly exclusive vehicle, they’ve devised an interesting way of designating them. Seven planes are nicely presented on the dash in their signature Avenger flight formation. Basically, the picture where you can see seven Bentleys represents the formation you could see in the sky looking at the Albatros Breitling Jet Team Series.


As you might imagine, Breitling and Bentley did their thing on the most exclusive and the fastest Bentley of all times. This thing is powered by a six liter engine with 12 cylinders. It is a powerhouse producing 626 HP and 605 lb-ft thanks to its twin turbochargers. With it, the large Bentley can hit 206 mph and it can even hit 60 in less than 4 seconds.


However, the buyers of these things will be treated with more than just a car. They will get the keys of their cars from the pilot of the plane corresponding to the car. All the more, they’ll get a ride in an Albatros jet which is something all of us would like to get! Right?


So, Bentley and Breitling actually made all of this possible thanks to the Breitling Jet Team Series and their planes. Basically, they’ve successfully translated all they could from the aeroplane team to the ground based vehicles and some elements on the cars definitely resonate everything the albatros team did on the sky. Well played, Bentley we’d say. They’ve successfully made the buyers of these cars potential pilots. That is something not a whole lot of car manufacturers can do. What is more, Breitling created a whole set of new and modern watches created specifically for the Bentley buyers. We can’t think that any of them would ever buy a Rolex if they were treated like this by Bentley.



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