The AMS Performance 2014 MB E63 AMG.


 When is a car more than the sum of its parts? This is definitely not a normal question, but neither is the car I am profiling here today. Today we’re going to look at the AMS Performance Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 4atic (Non S), and see what makes this car so worthy of the AMS badge that it wears.

ams performance So, a little on AMS, they’re a tuning group that does what any other tuning groups, or clubs, or firms like to do, and that is make cars go faster. Much much faster. They’re name is synonymous with the patented Alpha/Omega tuning kit that has been created solely for the Nissan GTR, but we will profile the company in another story. Toady is all about the Benz. This gleaming white 2014 E63 that seems to draw the attention of any man woman or child that happens to walk by it. The team over at AMS felt the need to tune a car that isn’t normally tinkered with. In order to tune, or give power to a Mercedes you need a few things. You need a car, a really good budget, and the computing capabilities to bypass any MB regulations that keep the car restricted to where it is.

 Now a stock MB E63 AMG 4Matic will roll off of the ams performanceshowroom floor with a 5.5L bi-turbo V8 engine that produces 550Hp, and will get you to 62MPH in about 3.7 seconds, and that all depends on how much you weigh. With those numbers known, Martin Musial (President of AMS) took his time to study this car, like he does with all of the projects that come across his desk, and plan what could be done to this car so that more power, and performance could be achieved. First off, you look at the power levels, and see where the boundaries can be pushed. A simple ECU tune was up at bat, and then afterward a dyno run needed to be had. Not a lot gained, but power levels were beginning to climb. Next up on the tuning list was changing the way the E63 breathes. An AMS Performance Cat Back & Down Pipes were fabbed up, fitted, and then installed underneath the Benz. This accomplished two things, the power, and torque levels were improved, and then the sound of the car were music to any Gearhead’s ears. There are a select group of people who love the way a Mercedes Benz sounds when the engine is being pushed hard. It’s like the melding of power, anger, determination, perseverance, and honor all flowing out of a finely tuned exhaust pipe. Finishing off the look of the Benz are a sick set of 20 inch Vorsteiner V-FF 101 wheels that accentuate the overall Battle Stanced look of this project.



 As it stands now, this E63 project is still unfinished, but that’s normally a good thing at AMS. Unlike other tuning groups, that like to complete a build, and then move onto the next one, AMS ams_amg_e63_3will tweak, and mess with a car constantly in order to achieve the level of greatness that ONLY they are used to. An example of this would be achieving a sub 11 second quarter mile run in the very same tuned Benz after the work was done on it. (Click Here to see the run) Now, the baseline run of the Benz had it at around 11.98 @118mph, but then to drop that time to 10.85 @129mph is pretty damn good, especially for a car that still looks completely stock to the naked eye. At the end of the day Martin Musial, and his number one tech guru Lance Cain have put together a car that will not only run with the big dogs at the track, but also be able to pick up the groceries in style too. Because we all know that if there’s food involved somewhere, the car has to be able to do it all.




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