The 2016/2017 Victory Empulse TT

It might be electric, but it comes with gears – and when we’re talking about unfettered power delivery and a respectable top speed wrapped up in a sporty package, we reckon the 2017 Victory Empulse TT is pretty damn impressive. It’s already got a string of podium finishes to its name – the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb and the Isle of Man TT Zero – and the price is pretty affordable when compared to other electric offerings. In terms of “bang for buck,” it’s not too bad at all.

Victory released their 2017 line up to the press last month, and while every other model was given the “2017” treatment, the Empulse was still tagged with the “2016” label – but we’re going to go out on a limb and guess that that was just a typo. Anyway, let’s call it the 2017 and be done with it: so what will next year bring us?

The Victory Empulse comes with a powerful 10.4 kWh battery system, that’s capable of pushing the bike to speed in excess of 100 mph, that can be fully charged in a mere 3.9 hours. We’re not talking “charged to 80% in a heartbeat but if you want to charge it to 100% it takes two and half weeks more” like a lot of other electric bikes out there, Victory’s Empulse does the full charge in the time quoted.

Apart from the fast charging time, the Empulse TT also comes with a six speed transmission. One of the biggest problems conventional gas-powered motorcyclists have with the electric world is the lack of gearing, which is ultimately a lack of control. Luckily, the Empulse TT has the best of both worlds: you can go out and out twist and go, or you can select gears as you please. That’s a massive boon, because anyone who has ever ridden a twist and go scooter will tell you how disconcerting the feeling is…


And the final plus point? That’s got to be the price. Firstly, Victory are the only major manufacturer that are offering a top-end, high spec electric bike. Which means that you’re already investing into a class leading machine…and it only costs $19,999. That is still expensive compared to a petrol powered equivalent, but when compared with other electric bikes out there (which can tip the financial scales to upwards of $50k a pop) it’s not too bad at all. Especially when you consider that it comes with adjustable suspension, cast aluminum wheels and a sophisticated regenerative braking system too.

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