The 2016 Kawasaki H2 and H2R: Get Your Orders In!

Didn’t manage to save the $50,000 asking price last time around? Fear not, Kawasaki are taking orders for a 2016 model.

For the vast majority of people, if you didn’t have a spare $50,000 floating around last year, you probably won’t have it this year either, but if you do then why not by yourself a 300 hp mega machine? If you thought you’d missed out on the chance of a lifetime, don’t worry, Kawasaki are taking orders until December 20th for next year’s H2R.


There have been absolutely zero mention of upgrades and improvements for the 2016 H2R, but given the time it takes to engineer such a masterpiece, none were truly expected. In fact, just the thought of another round of them was interesting enough to make the wealthy among us raise their eyebrows. The H2R doesn’t even come with a new livery either, unlike it’s street legal brother, the H2. (Pictured below)


We announced a while back that the 2016 Ninja H2 will come in a new color scheme (called Mirror Coated Spark Black) but that seems to be where the changes stop.

The slightly more affordable Kawasaki H2 will be available to order until the 11th of December, so you’d better get your skates on if you want your name on that prestigious list.

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