The 2016 Honda Civic Will Come Out Shortly And It’ll Be A Blast

The new Honda Civic is a big deal. And when we say big, we mean really BIG. The Coupe Concept revealed at the New York Auto Show (and presented here) showed us rather picturesquely what we can expect from it in the future and we (c’mon, everybody) liked that future. Now, a few weeks after Honda revealed that impressive and sharp concept, the 2016 Civic is back in the news. The picture of the whole car is still far, farrr away, but the official patent pictures filled by the Honda reveal a bit more about the upcoming vehicle.


We found nine pictures, some of which show the sedan and others show a magnificent coupe. As expected from the patent pictures every one of them depicts only the outer shape of the car in black and white, so we don’t have much to work on, but even this what we have clearly shows us that the overall shape of the sedan and the coupe will be rather similar. What’s more, it seems that the sedan features equally curved back roof and it looks more like a four door coupe from the side than it looks like a sedan. We like it like this.



Apart from being much more aerodynamic, this shape of the roof creates a somewhat sporty feel despite the fact that Honda removed much of futuristic styling features from the Civic that is about to hit the showrooms in comparison with the one we saw twenty days ago.


First of all, the wheels are much smaller on the patent drawings than on the Civic Coupe Concept we liked so much. That isn’t a big deal as that can be easily corrected with the installation of bigger wheels. However, narrow side mirrors, large intakes at the front and back and full LED front lights are things that will not reach the 2016 Honda Civic. At least they will not reach its base versions.



Top grade cars might have some elements that near it to the sharp and quite profoundly beautiful Civic Coupe Concept from the NY AutoShow. The Civic Si will surely have large wheels, deeper bumpers and an elegant back spoiler. With it, the sporty character will be profound in comparison with any other hatchback on the street. Honda really had to redevelop the Civic ground up. Previous gen cars weren’t exactly exciting, nice to look at or even appealing. But this one. This one should be all of that and more.


Building a car for every market, Honda had to please the tastes of people from all around the world. That however gave the company an opportunity to create cars for basically any car segment and to offer them in every country they have an active dealership in. That is why the US will finally get a five door hatch, a coupe, a sedan and the freaking Civic Type R with so much power and so perfect suspension it’s capable of lapping the ‘Ring in less than 8 minutes (much less actually).



Patent pictures we see here reveal that not every Civic will have the same styling causes. As shown here, the rear lights will differ by version, but the full width rear lights shown on the Civic Coupe Concept will remain on the new Honda Civic Coupe and that is something we will like the most about it.


Despite all of these novelties, Honda will face tough competition. Speaking about the Honda Civic Type R we have to mention some of the best hot hatches available right now – the Ford Focus RS, the Volkswagen Golf R, the Audi RS3 and the Subaru WXR STI.


So, the new car has to be freakishly good and potent and we must say, we believe it will be just that.


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