The 2016 Audi S3 Sedan Exclusive Edition Isn’t That Exclusive At All

Trying to spruce up the demand for the fabulous S3, Audi recently released a special edition of the car made by the Audi Exclusive. We have seen before some special editions made by Exclusive (like this SQ5 and this fabulous Audi RS6) and if you ask what Audi Exclusive really is we will tell you to take peek at the JLR’s SVO (Special Vehicle Operation) or other bespoke divisions of the car manufacturer.


Even though Audi Exclusive made some serious alterations to some of cars from the past, this what they’ve done to the Audi S3 is quite surprising. Based on the 2016 Audi S3, Audi Exclusive version of the car received a special paintjob which made it rather different from any S3 from before. Last year, they’ve done the same with the Audi S3 Sedan which was painted in special Daytona Grey color and it received red brake calipers as well as some other Exclusive-only decorative elements.


Following the success of the previous S3 which was sold in 350 units, Audi tried to give the  new sedan even more unique status. Only 25 units will be produced and Audi chose five different paints to color them. Five cars will be painted in Sepang Blue, five in Misano Red, five in Viper Green, and others in Glut Orange and Vegas Yellow. Obviously, each color is limited to five units and the cars colored in Misano Red or Sepang Blue are actually less expensive than those painted in Vegas Yellow, Viper Green, or Glut Orange. Less expensive units fetch $57,250, while Vegas, Viper and Glut go for $59,900. The price difference is justified with the exclusivity of the color. These three are actually not available for the Audi S3 regardless of the money you have in your pocket. So, 15 rather special S3 Audis will be on the market and we guess only the best of collectors will actually buy them.


If you think that this is all the exclusivity you could get with the Audi S3 Sedan Exclusive Edition, you are right. Audi really didn’t made any other alteration to the cars whatsoever. Luckily, Exclusive Edition is based on the Audi Prestige Package version. That means it received 19 inch wheels, special S Sport seats, Fine Nappa leather package and special decorations on the outside.


More importantly, the engine in it stayed the same. The t liter turbocharged unit developing 292 HP and 280 lb ft of torque with quattro all wheel drive can provide the performance of a really fast sports car. 60 mph can be achieved in 4,7 seconds, while the top speed is limited to 155 mph.


All in all, these Audi Exclusive cars aren’t really that exclusive, but we are sure that Audi will sell every one of them.




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