The 2013 Honda Civic SI

The Quickly Redesigned 2013 Honda Civic SI


Honda motor company has been working on clawing its way back as a dominant force in US auto sales. The problem being is that the competition is getting very hot and heavy and although their 2013 Honda Civic sedans are still selling surprisingly well we see that there 2013 Honda Civic SI is already in dire need of a redesign. The Civic SI has always been a great introductory sports compact car as it offered a low price and a peppy reliable engine and transmission that could sustain all the bad driving techniques performed by the drivers that were somehow magically transformed to street racers as they climbed behind the wheel. Today however the Civic SI has become a dull, conservative vehicle that although it is fun to drive does not look very good in my opinion and that of price of around $23,000 delivered I will save up 2k more and take the 2013 Scion FR-S all day long.


2013 Honda Civic SI Euro-Spec?


So what is Honda to do in order to boost sales for the 2013 Honda Civic SI? Well it has been confirmed that the 2013 Civic SI will be receiving a design change. It’s not understood yet it also entails the new direct injection 1.8 L that Honda has been working on but at least the new body parts is a good way to start. To me the 2012 Civic SI that America received is typical as it looks much worse than what the Euro-spec Civic looks like. It never fails as every time I see the new Civic released at an international auto show I get my hopes up only to receive its ugly sibling to the American market. My suggestion to Honda would be to simply replace this vehicle with the 2013 Euro-spec Civic SI. This I feel would be probably the easiest path to go about for Honda. If they want to go step further I have no problem with that but what I would like to see would be a Civic SI two-door and four-door version that loses the bulbous look by extending the front fascia as well as lowering the ride height and offering some decent looking wheels.


Help the 2013 Honda Civic SI and CR-Z


If I worked for Honda corporate I would be working on delivering a full lineup of optional Mugen and Spoon performance and accessory products offered by the parts department at a reasonable price. And with as much competition that’s coming into the field for compact sports cars I would certainly be looking at boosting the horse power rating as well as overall torque and maybe even offering something with a Turbo on it. The problem is that Honda is just too damned conservative when it comes to their vehicles and hopefully that will change as the current competition continues to grow. And please Honda do something with the CR-Z. tell us what your thoughts are with the 2013 Honda Civic SI and what Honda would have to do in order to earn your business.

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