The 1970 Plymouth Cuda Hellcat Render Promises A Lot Of Muscle Car Fun

Plymouth has been dead for 14 years now. It is so dead that if you write Plymouth in the Google search engine the first thing that pops out is the city of Plymouth and not the car company. Yet, some important cars from before have name powerful enough that the companies which produced them can exploit them some more. Muscle car craze in the USA, fueled by the introduction of the all-new Mustang, Camaro and the insane Challenger Hellcat, is not about to end anytime soon.


Imagine having a Barracuda nameplate on some car in the near future. That would be perfect. Just like in the good ol’ days. Well, Chrysler is working on the new Barracuda Convertible, but do not get your hopes high – the Plymouth brand will not make a comeback yet. It probably will never do so under the FCA administration. The new ‘Cuda will actually be a Dodge it will sit on the chassis and platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and it will be a cabriolet.

So, what on Earth does this info have to do with the magnificent rendering we bring here!? Apparently, not much, but the rc82 workchop (who made some awesome renders before) gave us a glimpse of the 1970s Cuda created to be as mean as possible with a Hellcat V8 engine underneath. The idea is not exactly that innovative. All of us dreamed of seeing old muscle cars with a new Hellcat engine ever since Dodge introduced it in the Challenger and the Charger.

So, if this produces sufficient craze in the muscle car community, we could actually have someone make it. Would that be great or what!? Look at it! And yes, we really need it as the FCA actually wants to decimate the ‘Cuda name by integrating a six cylinder turbocharged engine with 600hp instead of a proper V8. The times have changed a lot.

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