Texting And Riding No Handed While Being Chased by Police?

Well, it lands you in a whole load of trouble, that’s for sure.


Is he texting or taking a selfie? No one knows for sure but what we do know is this: riding any type of motorcycle whilst using your phone is bad news, and without a hint of a hand on the handlebars? That’s just asking for trouble.

There are swathes of reports of people killing themselves trying to capture the perfect selfie, and it just ain’t worth it. Especially if the photo’s going to be of a helmeted head anyway. Regardless of what he’s actually up to, I’m still thinking that Smart Phones should be reserved for Smart People. You know, when there’s a low flying helicopter zooming above you and a few squad cars at your back, it’s probably time to put your phone down and start thinking of plausible excuses, not carrying on with your InstaBook, or your What’s Gram, or your FaceApp. Yeah, I’m out of touch…but common sense remains the same, right?

520293 520290 520292Photos are courtesy of the Martin County Sheriff’s Department, in case you were wondering what zip code this idiocy occurred in.

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