Texas Greedy Store Owner Sold Gas At $20 Per Gallon During The Hurricane

Don’t be like this. Ever

Wanna be a cheap *ss *hit!? You may well learn that skill from this Texas store owner. He hiked up the prices of gas in his store to freaking 20 bucks per gallon during the Hurricane Harvey. Ok, everything went up during the Hurricane with hotel rates, food, clean water and fuel going up steeply. However, while one may find it appropriate for fuel price to go up a bit in this kind of a situation, a Houston convenience store jacked up the price to a freaking $20 per gallon. That is a bit too steep.

Of course, people were furious. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office received more than 600 complaints about the prices of goods. AG actually learned about the convenience store selling gas for $20 per gallon from numerous complaints.

Jalopnik team contacted the AG office and received a response:
“That convenience store was reported to us in a complaint—we’re tracking all complaints as they come in and following up with persons/businesses involved in price gouging and scams as quickly as we can, and in person if possible,” the spokesperson, Kayleigh Lovvorn, said.

Stores price-gouging In Texas Can Be Fined Up To $250,000

However, acting fast during this unfortunate situation actually got the gas stations to lower their prices. Paxton told CNBC in an interview that fines for price-gouging in Texas can range from $20,000 per occurrence, or up to $250,000 if a victim is at least 65-years-old.

“These are things you can’t do in Texas,” Paxton said in the interview. “There are significant penalties if you price gouge in a crisis like this.”

In this regard, we hope that those who were struck by Hurricane Irma will be protected from this kind of fuel price hike up.

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