Tesla Model X Revealed With Dual Engines(762 HP Combined) and 250 Mile Range

Tesla Model X is out and it may well be the best thing on four wheels since the Truman administration. Ladies and gentleman, this is the fastest accelerating, the most aerodynamic, the safest and the cleanest SUV the world has ever seen and if we are to judge by the first official pics and videos released, this is definitely the most amazing SUV ever put on the road.


It is hard to pick up on one thing and start of with describing this car. If you thought that car design reached a point where no more innovations and no more interesting new things are to be made then sit back and relax – it didn’t.


New Tesla Model X brings the prospects of a SUV to a whole new level. As a magnificently styled, although a bit chunky and chubby, the Model X represents all the cool and elegance we’ve expected from the cars such as BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe. With the aero efficiency of 0,24 Cd, almost sci-fi like look of the front and back and simple, crisp, clean lines all around, the Model X is a successful styling exercise looking even better in a production guise than it did as a concept. It really is much more futuristic looking than we ever imagine. However, under the great exterior, Elon Musk and the team of engineers behind the car made use of so much sensors and stuff that it transformed the method of a car use. Everything is slightly different here in comparison with all other cars.


Now, we’ll start to explain all the features from the POV perspective. Imagine that you are the passenger who wants to get the back of a Tesla Model X. By walking up to the car the rear doors with ultrasonic sensors (you can not see them as in other cars because magic) senses the presence and deduce that you’re about to enter the vehicle. The rear falcon doors are starting their tango dance in a fashion unseen in any car ever. With them fully open you sit up in one of three seats at the back. For you pleasure pick the center seat as it provide you with the magnificent view of the front dominated by enormous, gigantic and exceptional windshield which provide the best possible exterior view. During the presentation, Elon Musk (you know him) said that the windshield is like a tiramisu (made in many layers) and it provide exceptional sound insulation. When you are buckled up in the safest place ever, the drive can start.


The driver up front in his supercool bolstered seat press the button and the whole wealth of displays and gizmos spark to life in great fashion. The science fiction is the term we have to use here, so, science fiction then! As you’d expect, the S-class grade materials are under your but, on the doors and up front, but the best thing of all is that you also breath the best air possible. Thanks to bio weapon defence mode (YES, TESLA MODEL X HAS A FREAKING BIOWEAPON DEFENCE MODE) which is basically the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filter, the air coming in the inside is the purest you can get. Apparently, the Tesla Model X is the only place on wheels where HEPA filter is actually installed. So, the Model X will serve you as a butler, protect you as a us military grade Humvee and then, if you are in a crash save your life in a fashion no other car can.


The batteries, engines (two of them – front and back) are at the lowest possible position meaning that all the structure up front and at the back could be specifically designed to protect the occupants. Elon is so proud of their achievements that he said that he expect Model X to receive “five-star safety rating in every category”. That is a hell of a statement.


Now, after you are fully enclosed in this cocooned cabin of luxury, safety and clean air, the driver (or you, if you are sick of sitting in the center seat in second row) is about to take of. The large display on the center stack is filled with the information, but the only one word really matter – Ludicrous. Model X has it and when activated it deliver the punch unseen before on any SUV. Two motors, the front one with 259 HP powering front wheels and the back one with 503 HP powering two at the back catapult (really, catapult) you forward in a fashion of a Ferrari 458 Italia, or Lamborghini Gallardo 570-4. 3,2 seconds later you are traveling 62 mph and if you keep the foot planted 155 mph is going to be reached shortly. All Model X cars will have 155 mph top speed, but only the best of them – P90D – will have Ludicrous mode. The other in offer is P90 and the only difference basically is that it’s a bit scaled down in power and it has 257 mile EPA rating (the range basically), while the Dual engined car has 250 mile range.


As for the off road and utility stuff, Tesla Model X will have you covered there too. Towing is rated at healthy 5,000 lbs and that when you have seven persons inside (yes, seven seats and all apparently comfortable) a roof rack with things on it and the gear in the boot. Basically, this is more comfortable than many minivans and yet it looks the business.


Up until this point only six people got their hands on the Tesla Model X and these are the ones who paid the full price a few years ago. If you are about to put your order on right now you’ll still have to wait 8 months or one year to get a car, but it seems that it’s worth the wait. The only question remains – is this car really worth $130,000 in its “base” form? We think it is. First of all, it check all the boxes in innovation department, it has many things that are “the best or the first in the world”, it looks the business, it goes like stink and it doesn’t pollute at all, plus you have free power on Supercharger network. And best of all, it has Bioweapon defense mode in a car that is as luxurious as the apartment Tom Cruise filmed his movie Oblivion in. It is worth it. It is worth every bit of it.



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