Tesla Model S Unplugged Performance Facelift Fascia is Rather Refreshing

Tesla Model S might be one of the most advanced and futuristic cars available to general public, but it certainly won’t remain that for too long. Even now, competitors are working hard on their own car portfolio’s electrification, and then there’s the nature which makes everything outdated after a while. Along with Tesla Model S’ redesign process, Unplugged Performance have brought us the facelift fascia of their own for California maker’s linchpin car, and it makes Model S even more futuristic than it was.

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Unplugged Performance is a tuning house which is also based in California, and they work exclusively with Model S, although they have shown intention to jump into new business with Model 3 as well. You can get their Model S front end fascia for $2,495 until July 1, while all subsequent orders will cost $2,995. That’s without shipping and painting, though, so be advised that the final pricing will likely fall in $5,000 range or thereabouts. The kit is easy to install and doesn’t conflict with Tesla’s original tech – well, sort of. It does impede the jump start feature, but it compensates with jump start of its own. So, basically, what you need is a few large and three hours of spare time in order to refresh your Model S by yourself.

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Don’t know what Tesla’s plans for future are since their own refreshment looks similar to this Unplugged Performance installment. We have recently suggested they might enter the hypercar market after they consolidate all the specifics of upcoming Model 3, and this sharp turn in design strategy could come in handy if they actually do decide to try their luck in supercar world.

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