Tesla Model S 100D Just Became an EV With The Longest Range On The Market

Tesla updated the info on their official site and we have news now. It includes the addition of the Model S and the Model X 100D. S equipped with the new non-performance battery ( a different one from the battery in the P100D) has the longest range of any vehicle on the market. Musk leads the way once again.

With 335 miles of range, the Model S 100D launches us to 300-mile park. No other Tesla up to this point offered a range like this. Compared to the Model S 90D, the 100D offers  11-14% more range. This is a huge gain. The X also received the battery. With it, massive Crossover can cover 40 miles more compared to the equivalent 90D. Awesome stuff here for sure.

So, you may ask, why on Earth would one have an S 100D with 335 miles of range instead of performance orientated P100D which can cover 315. Actually, we can mention 42,000 reasons. That’s the $ difference between the P100D and the 100D. $42,000 less gets rid of the costly Smart Air Suspension and all the performance parts. This means one cannot actually hit 60 mph in 2.5 seconds as one could in the P100D. In the case of the Model X, we are talking about a $37,000 difference. This is a big deal. The Model S costs at $95,800 with the Model X fetching $98,500.

New Batteries In Production

Interestingly, Tesla already started the production of the new batteries in the Nevada Gigafactory. Produced in collaboration with Panasonic, new 2170 cells batteries offer greater capacity compared with the 18650 cells batteries found in Tesla cars of today. 2170 cells batteries first found their way in the Tesla Powerwall 2. They have twice the energy density over the original Powerwall. As for the cars, we’ll have to wait for the Tesla Model 3 to see them in action. For now, we have the info that the entry level Model 3 will have a range of 215 mph. It will, apparently, sell for $35,000. Musk and Tesla Motors are persistent with this number.

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