Man Sacrifices Tesla To Save Unconscious Driver, Musk Says Tesla Will Pay Repair Bill

This one comes as a refreshing change compared to all the usual fails, crashes and road rage incidents. 41 year-old German Manfred Kick should serve as an inspiration to all of us who are sometimes forgetting to help the ones in need.

According to München Merkur, Manfred Kick sacrificed his Tesla Model S in order to save another man’s life. He noticed an out-of-control Volkswagen Passat swerving left and right, and hitting the guardrail on the Autobahn near Munich, Germany, and decided to act without hesitation when he saw its driver was unconscious. Kick pulled his Tesla in front of the Volkswagen and started tapping the brakes until the Passat finally halted while kissing the Tesla’s rear end. It turned out Passat driver likely suffered a heart attack. Kick then proceeded calling the fire department who quickly arrived at the scene and took care of the unlucky man.

Local newspapers have reported that total combined damage to both cars amounts to around €10,000 which translates to some $10,700. But this is where the story becomes even more Hollywood-like. Elon Musk has shared the details of this heroic act on his Twitter account and said Tesla will cover all the repair costs. That’s the least a heroic act such as this one deserves.

In the end, everything ended up just fine. Who says there are no more everyday’s common heroes out there on the roads. Manfred Kick who’s willingly sacrificed his expensive Tesla Model S surely counts as one of them. And so does Elon Musk who knows how to appreciate his customers – especially when they’re committing heroic deeds at their own peril.

Photos from the scene are courtesy of Feuerwehr München.

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