Techrules Ren Is An Extraordinary One Megawat Supercar

With microturbines and up to six e motors Techrules Ren gives out 1,287 hp

It’s not Kylo Ren. But it is as mad as one. The Techrules Ren is something of a continuation of the mad Chinese 1,000hp supercar we have seen at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The new car is even more insane than we could ever imagine.

Get this.

Customers can actually choose how many engines they want in a Ren. Two, four or six. Of course, all electric. Whichever drivetrain they choose, the engines are fed from a 25 kWh battery. However, the battery itself needs some sort of an e-generator after all. And that comes from one or two microturbines (buyer chooses how many). Powered by diesel fuel, believe it or not. Thanks to such an intricate hybrid system, the Chinese promise their insane supercar can cover astonishing 727 miles on 21-gallon diesel tank.

Techrules Ren

The Techrules Ren specs speak for themselves really. The system develops 1,287 hp (960 kW) and 1,725 pound-feet of torque. That is a lot. Like really much. It’s almost one megawatt of power in its most potent form. The insane propulsion followed up with the courageously styled exterior goes hand to hand.

Single seater in its basic form, the Techrules Ren can accept up to three persons at most. Of course, all of this following the buyer wishes.

Techrules Ren production capped at ten per year

Techrules Ren

Yes, they intend to produce it starting from 2018. And they plan to produce it in Italy. 96 track-worthy cars could land in the next ten years or so. In the meantime, the Techrules want to introduce us to a city car and a crossover. So, the Chinese will venture into mass production and motorize Europe one more time.

The company is already taking orders for the Ren.

William Jin, the founder, and CEO of Techrules said: “Thanks to the unique modular design of the Ren chassis and powertrain, we have a perfectly engineered vehicle to deliver our TREV technology in the most efficient way, according to the exact requirements of the customer. Techrules is introducing a luxury electric supercar with a great dynamic performance that is more environmentally friendly and more convenient than anything comparable on the market today.”

Techrules Ren

Although this car has a whole lot of tech we have to learn more about, it is not the only one at the Geneva Motor Show that employs a micro turbine propulsion system. Remember that cool Pininfarina H600 saloon? It had something similar powering it.

Techrules Ren

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