Syrian Car Collector Wants To Revive His Classics Now That He Is Back In Aleppo

While most of us claim to be car enthusiasts, I’m pretty sure that if we got to meet Mohammed Mohiedin Anis, we would think about that twice. This is due to the special dedication he has towards preserving and maintaining his car collection amidst a war zone. Mohammed has been doing his best to preserve his car collection since the Aleppo War started about a year ago.

The video featured below shows Mohammed back at his home, with the city under the control of the Syrian army.  He found his car collection even more damaged upon his arrival with AFP reporting that the collection reduced to 20 from 30 as a result of thefts and because seven cars were impounded by the police. Some of the cars remaining in his possession include a ’56 Mercury Montclair, a late ‘50s Chevrolet Pick-up, a VW Thing, a ’49 Hudson, some Buicks etc. He also owns three Cadillacs.

Mohammed has high spirits despite the shakedown, and he even says that he plans to start fixing what’s left of his collection before he fixes his house that he currently resides in.

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