SUV Driver Purposefully Rams Motorcyclist!

Being Motorcycle Awareness Month, it seems like someone missed the memo… Once again, road rage has got the better of another SUV driver who decided to take the law into their own hands. Using a car as a weapon is just mental, no matter what the situation is. Firstly, the driver not only puts themselves and other car drivers in danger by purposefully swerving not once, but twice, into the motorcyclist. Secondly, it doesn’t really matter what the bikers crime is…reacting with deadly force is just…too much.

If you want some more insight…read the comments on the YouTube page. The amount of people who think that the SUV driver was justified is frankly quite appalling. Now, if we cut through the crap of the blame game – “The bikers deserved it,” or “they were taunting him,” – it still doesn’t matter who was at fault originally. Using a vehicle as a weapon is just outrageous in any case. Using it on a busy highway, where the chances of a fatal outcome are extremely high…that’s madness, and an attempted murder charge would be justified, wouldn’t you say?


Since it is actually Bike Awareness and Safety Month, fellow riders, give aggressive car drivers a wide berth. And car drivers, you gotta remember that that biker that’s annoying you is someone’s kid, or a child’s parent. In fact, one of our Facebook followers Alan Durborow summed it up beautifully: “There’s only one thing you need to know: drive like your kid(s) is out there on a bike.” And that’s the best advice there is. Sadly though, events like this are becoming more and more common…


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