The SUV 2013 MPG-Boost and 4×4-Loss

Today’s SUV Can Handle really big pebbles, not rocks


The American SUV has been a mandatory 8 cylinder 12 passenger behemoth that supplied 14 in car TV’s and seats that folded automatically because you had your hands full of shopping bags and babies. Then the recession hit and we had to sell the beast of gas guzzling burden, sell the shopping items, and finally sell the babies to slavery. Now that we are back to square one and pregnant again

we decided that we still like to drive around an SUV but we kind of like to spend less since we have less now, but don’t you fucking tell anyone. So what we are going to look at is the new line up of small to large SUV 2013 models and see how they are transforming from a Glock to a Walther PPK. We have seen manufacturers focusing in on efficiency and making changes to lighten up the overall weight, reduce drag-coefficient, and use a direct-injection platform to give us a final product that looks like a car that has been lifted. And that is pretty much what you get. There is far less body-on-frame being used by SUV’s these days and more unibody so the platforms are products of global platforms. Take Honda’s global chassis platform that the Odyssey, Passport, Ridgeline, and Acura MDX is the same and though they don’t share the same suspension characteristics it shows you that the chassis is a whore and gets around.


The Shrinking Effect of the SUV 2013


As the fuel efficiency standards go up we see the need for more car like efficiency come into play, thus more car like characteristics. The new 2013 Ford Escape (Pictured) is a perfect example of new SUV design as it tries to encompass an aerodynamic form yet still have some ground clearance. The All-Wheel-Drive system will help it get around in inclement weather but you won’t see it on any Rubicon 4×4 trail. With the new SUV 2013 designs out we are losing the low-gears and getting all wheel drive systems that usually don’t kick into effect until a loss of traction is noticed. I prefer to have an actual lever to engage all four wheels so that I know all is spinning and I want to hear my vehicle grind a little bit and then destroy a muddy and rocky trail. Guess I’m old fashioned.


SUV 2013 – I Complain more about times changing

The fact is that I get about 3 to 4 chances to put my SUV in low gear in a year’s time and it may be at times when an AWD system would suffice. The fact is that during those few times I am thrilled to have it and the rest of the year I hate getting shitty gas mileage. So my top tip is to get a 2013 Ford Escape or some other 2013 SUV AWD thing and save enough to buy a used Jeep Wrangler at the same time for when you need to get out and tear shit up during a testosterone rage. This way you get awesome gas mileage and can take the SUV 2013 on road trips in the snow and then when it’s time to climb through trails you simply grab the jeep and destroy! If you have a great choice for a fuel efficient 2013 SUV model that can be badass as well then shoot over a comment. Where are my Diesels in my SUV 2013?


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