Successful Front Flip Experiment From The ‘Mad Scientist’ Monster Truck (Video)

In A World First, ‘Mad Scientist’ Proves That Monster Trucks Can Do Front Flips

Monster Jam always brings out the best in Monster Truck drivers, no matter what venue they’re in. With a history of death defying stunts there, it’s fitting that this world first happened in Las Vegas. We now know for a fact that Monster Trucks can do front flips thanks to Lee O’Donnell, a.k.a. ‘Mad Scientist’.

When it happened, there were many people in the crowd who didn’t believe it happened on purpose. However, Lee says that his team has been working on perfecting the move for the freestyle event. In order to maker it happen, he had to lean the whole truck on the rear wheels and charge a jump. With so much at stake, we’re happy to see the payoff in a successful landing and a world first stunt.

The Second Major Monster Truck First In 6 Years

It wasn’t too long ago that the first monster truck backflip was noted in the history books. It took all the way until 2011 for crowd favorite Grave Digger to pull off that trick. Coincidentally, the Monster Jam finals that year were also being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. With front and back flips as well as corkscrews in the bag, drivers will have to get more creative to hit a first.

At the conclusion of this year’s Monster Jam, XVIII, Lee O’Donnell and ‘Mad Scientist’ took gold. Their score was an impressive 9.355 of 10 while second place locked in with 9.316. The silver medal went to Neil Elliot driving ‘Max-D’ while third place fell to Jim Koehler’s ‘Avenger’ and a score of 9.240.

Check out the video below of the full gold medal run and make sure not to blink around the 2:20 mark. After seeing this successful first ever front flip for a monster truck, had to the comments section. We’d love to hear what suggestions you have for the next level of stunts that drivers should try.

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